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Ardersier Alma is a family run business who pride themselves in working extremely hard to deliver 100% satisfaction and excellent customer service.

About Us


The former hotel building was most likely built as a direct consequence of the eye catching Fort George.  Its strategic position close to the narrowest sea crossing across the Moray Firth played a large part in its development from the mid-18th century.  While it functioned primarily as a fishing village, the Jacobite Rising had an impact on its history.  It's suggested that the Alma  was constructed as a look-out post for the roads leading to Fort George, which was the ultimate defence against further Jacobite unrest.
Since that period there is photos that show a painted sign above the windows indicating the Alma was once a shop for groceries.

To Date

The Alma in Ardersier was purchased in the Summer months of 2016 and has since been renovated to a very high standard of finish.  The work was carried out by a dedicated father and a team of great tradesmen.  The work was completed in the Spring of 2017 and is ready for visitors to enjoy a modern version of the 18th century historic building.

The Star Inn restaurant provides an excellent meal whether its breakfast, lunch or dinner,  you will be sure to have satisfied your taste buds before leaving.   We also have a bar fully stocked with all your favorites, and perhaps you can try some of our Scottish drinks too!


With excellent customer service, well mannered and pleasant staff we have managed to create many loyal customers. Providing this type of excellent customer service starts with a genuine desire to meet all our customers needs.

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